More Rob Kutner than the law allows



My Speakeasy interview with "The Daily Show" writer and Atlanta native Rob Kutner gets the extended-online-version treatment on our website for this week's issue, which includes a lot of funny/funnier stuff. Again Kutner will appear on Saturday, July 12, at the Barnes and Noble at Perimeter Mall and on Sunday, July 13, at the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum.

Here's a favorite "online-only" back-and-forth that didn't make it in the print version:

According to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia is never wrong: “The Westminster Schools is a private secondary school in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Founded in 1951, Westminster has the largest endowment of any non-boarding secondary school in the United States.[1] The school’s expressed mission is ‘to develop the whole person for college and for life through excellent education.’" You now work for "The Daily Show." Would you call yourself a ‘riches-to-rags’ story, then?

I’d say yes. All I can hope is that my story will inspire millions of would-be immigrants to give up and just stay in their country of origin.

And for those who are curious about Kutner's work with the Shushan Channel, here's a pee-in-pants promo for Jewno, their hilarious satire of Juno. Kudos for them to con J.K. Simmons (one of my fave character actors) into reprising his role as the dad.

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(Photo courtesy Rob Kutner)

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