Buying into art



(photo by Jody Fausett)

If you’re like me, the holidays bring on gut-churning feelings of anxiety that manage to take a lot of the fun out of eating too much and sleeping late. The impossibility of finding the right gift is compounded by the pain of having to participate in the kind of mall shopping I normally avoid at all costs. My fantasy is to one day look to local arts markets for all my gift-giving. The annual Big Angel Blowout hosted by Whitespace Gallery owner Susan Bridges is where I would head first for inventive, locally made works. This year’s Blowout starts next week, running from Nov. 15-Nov. 18, and features two of my favorite Atlanta photographers, Mark Starnes and Jody Fausett (whose "Snow White Tan" is pictured here) as well as the work of beloved neo-folk artist Cooper Sanchez, whose sad-eyed monkey currently casts a special spell over my kitchen, infusing even the act of buttering toast with a touch of melancholy.

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