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Zell Miller and President Bush


"Well, he's got rage. Look at the lips. Look how they're lopsided. This is what I call 'politician mouth.' Some politicians make a career of talking out of one side of their mouth -- saying one thing out loud to the public but holding what they really feel inside. That [imbalance] ends up pronounced on one side of the face -- the physical result of years of 'talking out of one side of his mouth.' It's an indication he's liked a lot in his political career. There are caveats -- a stroke could have also caused this facial pattern."

"When there's a lack of balance or symmetry in the face, it makes you feel physically uncomfortable looking at that person. We're attracted to symmetry. It's a sign of physical and mental health. When someone doesn't have that, the primal brain reacts negatively."

"The president is wearing a tight smile. He often does that. At this moment, though, the smile and eyes show that he's very uncomfortable with what's being said."

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