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Zane Lewis

Atlanta College of Art grad at Romo Gallery



This Atlanta College of Art grad, named one of the "23-Year-Old Masters" by the Wall Street Journal, is back in the ATL to exhibit his psychedelic pop paintings through Oct. 13 at Castleberry Hill's Romo Gallery.

Rainbows: "Where are they? I don't see enough of these. I can't find the end or the beginning so the pot of gold is out of the question at the moment."

Apple iPhone: "Just got the newest model -- it's implanted in my head! The music never stops, the pictures move, everybody wants one, and there's already a newer model available."

San Antonio, Texas: "The beer is cheap, the bean-and-cheese nachos smothered in jalapeños are great, and a trip to the Frio River on a warm summer day is perfect. The skies really are bigger, too."

Economics: "The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Sell all of your possessions and buy one piece of art that reminds you life is beautiful."

When remodeling a warehouse: "Keep in mind that this remodel is going to take probably twice -- make it three times longer than you expected. It is going to cost thousands of dollars even if you feel like there's not that much that needs to be done. After a day of 12 hours of physical labor working on the place, you're going to be sore and no matter how much you tell yourself you'll take a shower, eat dinner and work on paintings -- you're dreaming. However, hard work pays off."

Fashion: "Marc Jacobs and Juergen Teller ads take the cake -- look for the one with my girlfriend and me, it is by far one of the best."

Memorable moment: "New York City, Paula Cooper Gallery, sometime in 2005? I was fortunate enough to see a magical event. A small child ran into the gallery and with no hesitation began to hop, skip and jump into the mammoth Sol LeWitt sculpture before him. With one of the vertical columns in hand he swung himself round and round like a carousel, completely innocently. Pure youth, and pure experience and interaction with an inanimate object valued to some as priceless. For this child it made no difference whether it was a Sol LeWitt or a Fisher-Price."

Technology: "Would someone please invent one of those invisibility cloaks like in Harry Potter? That would be the gadget to write about."

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