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You say you want a revolution

Readers agree: It's time to pull Bush up by the roots


In New England, hundreds of true patriots have been meeting to organize opposition to the liberty-gutting, grossly misnamed PATRIOT law. In Ohio, students risked their futures -- ignoring threats of arrest and of being stripped of their college degrees -- to peacefully show their dismay at George W. Bush's assault on the Constitution. Throughout the nation -- indeed, around the world -- the Internet is awash with anger over Bush's snubbing of international law and undermining of our freedoms.

Americans want to know why Bush didn't heed warnings of imminent terrorism -- eloquently illustrated by the fact that on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, the only defense of the nation's 3,618,770 square miles of airspace was provided by eight National Guard fighter jets -- which weren't even in the air.

Every day there are new revelations for those who care to pay attention. Unfortunately, the mainstream media are alternately slumbering or fearful of the administration's ire -- hell, to find solid criticism of Bush's Middle East policy, you have to read the online versions of the Israeli press what you can't find in the New York Times, Washington Post or, for that matter, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bush has packed his team with Enron alums and other proponents of corporate terrorism. More than a few criminals -- Elliott Abrams, Otto Reich and John Poindexter, for a start -- hold high posts in the government.

And then there's the wholesale meltdown of corporate America. Hundreds of billions of dollars in workers' hard-earned savings and small investors' nest eggs have evaporated while the brigand CEOs walked away with piles of loot. Bush's call for a crackdown on corporate thieves is perceived by most Americans (62 percent, to be exact) for what it is -- bullshit. Show us the pinstripes turning into jailhouse stripes. What execs and their accountants have been forced to trade their Rolexes for handcuffs?

And Bush has lied. He horribly deceived America over what he knew prior to 9-11. Most recently, he has amassed multiple mendacities over his sleazy insider sale of $848,560 in Harken Energy stock -- a dump that preceded by only a few days the tanking of the company's value. Like with Enron's "Kenny Boy" Lay, Bush scooted with the cash while the employees and little-guy investors were robbed. Dick Cheney was sued last week by the conservative Judicial Watch for fraudulent financial practices when he headed Halliburton Inc.

It goes on and on.

Two weeks ago, I called Bush a tyrant and urged his resignation. That was a mistake -- it would make Cheney, already the de facto boss of the dim bulb in the Oval Office, president. So, assuming that Cheney isn't soon forced to join Spiro Agnew in the elite club of deposed and corrupt vice presidents, my call should have been for a total end to the Bush administration.

The return volleys from readers -- hundreds of e-mails and letters -- have been (pardon the hyperbole) unprecedented and probably a record for both me and Creative Loafing. And -- let's acknowledge that those who agree with me will believe this, those who think I'm an agent of the Axis of Evil won't -- about 95 percent of the responses have sided with me.

Here's a sampling.

Wow -- what a powerful commentary! I was just looking for such an editorial piece -- one that would reflect the REAL state of the nation on this Independence Day 2002. Luckily, I have just found it in your "The Declaration of Independence ... from Dubya"!

It is refreshing to be exposed to such honesty in the media these days (I'm still mourning the loss of TV's "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Maher!).

On behalf of those of us who AREN'T hypnotized by the "spinsanity" that usually passes as journalism in the United States of America, let me just say "Right on!," "Amen!" and "Thanks a million!"

-- Tony Hammock, Atlanta

I hope you don't get dragged away in the night by the new thought police for being "unpatriotic." You've done a fabulous job of pinpointing the greatest evils of the current administration, and in doing so committed an incredibly patriotic act by using your still-intact freedoms. Long live freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

-- Julie Booth, Atlanta

I just read your piece "The Declaration of Independence ... from Dubya." You capture my feelings exactly, if more eloquently than I usually manage. My one minor quibble is that I believe we need to stop referring to a "mainstream" media and call it what it is, the corporate media.

I shall pass along your words to the many I know who feel as you do.

-- Jeri Chonle, Seattle, Wash.

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