Wymyns Prysyn, Muuy Biien, Sharps

When: Fri., May 24, 9 p.m. 2013

Wymyn's Prysyn is a hardcore band at heart, with a blasting sound that draws more from Hammerhead and Hot Snakes than from earlier, if not clichéd, punk influences. Their blistering brew of musical reference points led to four of their best tunes to date, released as a 7-inch earlier this month on Atlanta-based No Breaks Records. It's the third time in a little over a year that a local label has released a Wymyn's Prysyn 7-inch, with earlier records coming in January 2012 on Scavenger of Death Records and the following December via Pygmy Records. Opening track "Time" captures the Wymyn's Prysyn live experience well. It's a maximum volume assault, but the aural fury is controlled. Guitar and bass often blend together with only distorted vocals floating above the pack, with this sonic harmony broken when guitarist Andrew Wiggins sprinkles in a solo that differs from the hardcore norm. The next two tracks, "Human Form" and "Put Out," allow listeners to peel back a layer of noise to discover lightning-fast punk rock tunes that are downright catchy. These songs make the band's working relationship with a label usually associated with pop-oriented underground rock seem less out of the ordinary. The real treat, though, is record closer "It's Your Problem Now." This more ambitious track proves that the band borrows more from the legendary Wipers than just its twin peace sign logos. Overall, this record, like the two 7-inches that preceded it, is a full-on aural assault that, on second or third listen, will reveal itself as a solid punk rock record instead of just a relentless wave of noise.

Price: $5

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