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Would you go in the ocean this weekend in Florida?


Unless I was feeling suicidal, I wouldn't go. I've never seen Jaws because it would traumatize me and I like to swim. It's not media hype. If you go swimming now, it's good that some people are removed from the gene pool. God in her infinite wisdom was very wise when she set up the balance of power and the food chain including neurologically challenged folks who would swim in shark-infested waters. Who else is going to eat the neurologically challenged?

I grew up in St. Croix and used to swim with sharks while snorkeling. They're beautiful. I'm not afraid of them, just afraid of being bitten. But not many of us ever get bitten. When you swim with sharks, you keep your cool and take no radical evasive action. We don't fuck with them and we don't act like their food unlike the people in the surf whose legs appear like fish in murky water to sharks. Diving in clear water where you can see sharks coming at you is a great experience.

I was jet skiing with my boyfriend in the Bahamas and I was driving and turned and my boyfriend fell in the water, and then jumped. He was terrified. He said he felt his leg being bitten. He was terrified, but I thought it was hilarious. He won't go back in, but it doesn't bother me. The media is just scaring people. It's been going on long before now. It's one in a million. The media needs something to talk about so they're running with the story. u


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