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Working girl

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Hair: This brilliant brunette gets her hair cut by Amanda at Panache Salon, whose cuts run from $35-$50. Smartly pulled back and beguilingly hiding one arched brow, the true genius behind Ms. M's hair is that it has never been dyed. Staying true to her locks keeps the chestnut strands perfectly shiny without the slightest frizz.

Jacket: Remember in the '90s how you would have rather died than wear your collar turned up? Well, get over it: An upturned collar is the new scarf. Equally good at keeping the chill off your neck, savvy travelers will tell you that the look never went out of style in ultra-cold cities like Chicago.

Top: Carlyn epitomizes the simple, pulled-together look of women living in Virginia-Highland, but the secret is that most of it is part of Met Deluxe's dress code, which demands neutral colors. Though this black-collared shirt may look Ralph Lauren, a working girl has to watch her pennies. She opted for the Target version at only $16.99.

Skirt: When it comes to linen, however, Carlyn doesn't mess around. At an affordable $34, this easy, breezy skirt was purchased at Banana Republic.

Shoes: Dirty Looks has a pair of these Me Too flats in blue. Also like Dirty Looks, Carlyn is from Florida, so most of her shoes are flip-flops that let the slightest breeze keep feet cool. When Met Deluxe told her she had to wear close-toed shoes to work, Ms. M made this pair the only toe-hiders she owns.


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