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Neglected dog and more beans & haters


Dear Karma Cleanser:

Two of my close friends (a couple) appear to have allowed their dog to die of neglect. The little guy developed a bad cough and a case of the shakes but never made it to the veterinary. I'm mad now that I realize the dog suffered for a month or two. They're both smart people who I thought were animal lovers. I'm befuddled.

They have a young son and maybe that played into their rationalization of not spending money on the doggie's medical expenses. I can't think of a good excuse. I only stop by from time to time and suggested then that their dog needed a trip to the doctor. Do they deserve karmic retribution? I don't feel like hanging out with them much recently.

-- Disappointed in Florida

It's a tough call, really. You can't read the minds of the seemingly negligent parents, nor will you ever know their personal reasons for not taking their dog to the doc. Perhaps it had to do with finances, or maybe the more pressing needs of child rearing occupied the couple's immediate thoughts. What you can know for sure is that the past is done, and hindsight often rides shotgun with heartache. Karmic retribution may come, or maybe the pup was already into his twilight years and nothing could have been done, anyway. Don't ditch the friendship, but let this also be a lesson to you not to ask them for any pet-sitting help.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I wonder how much karma you incurred by telling "Beans & Haters" that you thought he was telling lies. You said, "Save these fibs for the fiction contest, buddy." Well, I won't own a cell phone. And yes, as you can tell, I do have an e-mail address. I will never own a cell phone. I hate talking on the bloody phone, and besides, e-mail rocks.

So, I think you owe him a big kiss and a big I'm sorry.

-- Young Blood

Dearest readers: Clearly the Karma Cleanser sinned in suggesting that the snow-bound bean-eater should own a cell phone, because that single assertion has generated the biggest avalanche of letters we've seen since this column started. We agree with Young Blood: E-mail rocks, but please, no more on "Beans & Haters"! To all who rebel against the cellular revolution, mea culpa.

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