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With (k)no(w)here, Wilderness drifts further from the mathy and energetic post-punk bent of its early days into shimmering and serene atmospherics. Repetition is the key to unlocking the angelic beauty of the group's songs. The Boston quartet draws out each moment of rhythmic bliss with every number on its third full-length. The one speed bump along the vast and expansive stretch into the ether is vocalist James Johnson's dramatic howl. His voice – which evokes a range of vocalists from Johnny Rotten to Cher – pulls you right out of the moment early on in such songs as "High Nero," "(P)ablum" and "Own Anything." It gets easier to take in as the album progresses, but his distressed and throaty contributions are the weak link in an otherwise gorgeous album. Three stars.

Wilderness plays the Earl Sun., Nov. 30, 8 p.m. $10.

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