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W.I.C.: We Invented Cool



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Over the last few years, W.I.C. - MCs Trip Freeman and Kory Calico, along with DJ/producer Mudfish - have navigated Atlanta's indie hip-hop scene as a sleeper cell, waiting to blow shit up. With its debut full-length, We Invented Cool, the group has crafted one of the smoothest and hardest-hitting productions this town has offered in a good long while. Vintage beats and futuristic design collide in "Some Air" (feat. K0BAyASHI) and "Hellen Keller." A nod to classic '90s form surfaces in "Self Serve," and soul grooves shine in "It's Cool." These elements culminate in an album teeming with nuance. The energy wanes from time to time, but tension always hangs between Freeman and Calico's voices, both so engaging that what they're feeling gets projected on an intuitive level. These guys rap about women an awful lot, but it's never misogynistic. Rather, they're a couple of righteous dudes who have persevered the mean scene, and now their presence looms as they rattle off dirty, syrupy smooth rhymes with an unrelenting flow. (4 out of 5 stars)


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