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Why is Georgia a pro-Bush state?


John: Georgians see Democrats as pessimists. Bush represents optimism. Outside of Atlanta, it's first-generation nouveau riche. Outside Atlanta, crime is down; yards are clean. And George Bush gives that to them. They see Atlanta as the dark side -- corruption, complainers, theft, dirt, welfare. People in Atlanta may start out as a Democrat, but once they have kids, they move to Forsyth County or a cute neighborhood, and they like it.

Jason: It just fits the way a lot of people grow up around here. All the people that live in trailers and the low end of Georgia, of course, they fight on a daily basis. They want to see more fighting. Fighting is normal for them, so they vote for a president who likes to fight and kick ass. And they think, because Bush has been in office for four years, we've got more Wal-Marts in Georgia, so life is good.

Annette: [Bush represents] back-to-the-basics, being decent, morally correct, family values. [Georgians] felt betrayed by Clinton. Bush speaks about things that they feel are traditional, and he says it in a way they can relate to. "Nucular" is a bonding word. That's the secret password in the South. It's just straight talk -- no $10 words, no double-speak. And he doesn't speak French. There is a sort of simplicity and directness to life in the tradition of Georgia.


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