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Why do notable Atlantans love Atlanta?



Because sundown comes so late

"One of my favorite discoveries when I first moved here from Portland, Ore., was that it never gets dark in Atlanta. Well, that's not entirely true — it eventually gets dark — but it gets dark here later than just about anywhere else.

"We're about as far west as you can get in the Eastern time zone, and as a result even at the winter solstice it doesn't get dark until 5:30 or so. That (and the weather, of course) makes winters here a lot more tolerable.

"Of course, there's a small trade-off — the sun rises later in the morning as well — but NBA writers rarely cross paths with sunrise."
John Hollinger, NBA writer and analyst, ESPN.com

Because we have our own terminology

"ATL, SWATS [South West Atlanta Too Strong], Old NAT'L, and, of course, ATLien — all invented by Dungeon Family artists. Also, true Atlantans also know that the only 'T' found in 'Atlanna' comes in a glass with lots of sugar and a lil lemon."
— Michelle "ATLien" Brown, hip-hop/gossip blogger, StraightFromTheA.com

Because of the Hotlanta summers

"Everyone goes out and has fun, loses 10 pounds from sweating, and the ladies wear cool shorts."
— William Silbernagel, head chef at the Bookhouse and proprietor of Bookie Macarons

Because of a King of Pops Chocolate Sea Salt popsicle

— Richard Garner, actor and producing artistic director, Shakespeare Festival

Because of the soul food restaurants

"I especially love the fish and chicken at Busy Bee."
— 2 Chainz, Atlanta rapper, formerly known as Tity Boi

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