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Who were the best and worst acts at Music Midtown?


Jay: LL Cool J. He was incredible -- like, it was his greatest hits. It was one song after another. The crowd was singing along; everybody was involved in the show. Bob Dylan's performance was a little slow. I went to Bob after LL Cool J, so maybe that's not a fair comparison. It was too low-key for me -- couldn't really understand a word he said.

Courtney: Bob Dylan. He had a great band, and they really got into that place in music where it goes above just playing a song. He still rocks, and he gave everything he had into his performance. Last time I saw him, he nodded off on stage -- so I was just happy he stayed awake. He was amazing. Collective Soul. Oh my God -- ridiculous! They're just really untalented. There's nothing there; they're just lame. I think you had to be really drunk to enjoy them.

Shane: Tony Bennett is a class act. Great show. The Mavericks were fantastic. Smallest crowd I've seen, but they gave a great performance. They're an anti-Nashville country band with a Cuban influence that is really unique. Crosby, Stills & Nash seemed a bit tired and played out. I wanted to like them, but they seemed sort of a novelty act. They didn't seem to have the fire or passion. Maybe Neil Young needs to come around and kick them in the butt a few times.Jeff Slate


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