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Who are you voting for?


Executioner: Definitely Bush. He likes to kill a lot like I do. He's about as mad as they get. Kerry is a wimp. He just doesn't have the blood and guts like George Bush does. I'm pro-war. I'm for Bush. Nader is too much of a hippie. The Executioner is a Republican. The Republicans are all about tax cuts, and I'm about cutting a lot of rich people's heads off. I'm a Bush man.

Halford: I'm not voting for any of those cocksuckers! They're all lying politicians. John Kerry is a piece of shit. George Bush can lick my balls. I'm voting for Ralph Nader. Actually, I'm not voting for any of them. I'm an illegal alien, and they aren't going to let me in here, anyway. It really doesn't make a shit who's going to win the election. The end is near, my friend.

Sparky: I'm just a poor little alligator looking for some crawdad. The only way we're going to get more crawdad is to elect John Kerry and stop the anti-environmental polices of George Bush. I prey on smaller species like crawdad. Smaller species are taking in more toxins, and the higher up the food chain you go, the more toxins get in. Bush is threatening all animals because he's allowing the big corporations to dispose of their pollutants. Every species has suffered, not just alligators.


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