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White Violet: Hiding, Mingling

Normaltown Records/New West



There's a dewy "Sunday Morning" feel to White Violet's 10-song debut. For those unfamiliar with the aforementioned Velvet Underground track, it's imbued with a lulling, peaceful sweetness. Athens frontman Nate Nelson's breathy baritone croon shares the music's understated watercolor gauziness as the rhythms rustle restlessly like memories of the night before. Nelson's released prior solo discs and toured in support of Nik Freitas and Azure Ray, but this collection of songs and collaborators (members of Gift Horse, Maserati, and Friendly Foes) found a more familial vibe that necessitated a band name. It's a nice album, though the laconic '70s Laurel Canyon melodies sometimes seem too peaceable. One of the highlights is the understated love song "Tight Rope," which recalls David Gray. (5 out of 5 stars)

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