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White Chocolate:

From tall pole to small screen


Even casual listeners of Dirty South rap, or hip-hop in general, know how big strip clubs are in Atlanta. In that competitive industry, it's hard for individual dancers to make a name for themselves. White Chocolate has.

A bone fide superstar, the half-black, half-Sicilian beauty entered the scene around 1998 and danced at Magic City before moving on to the once red-hot Gentlemen's Club. Catch her show at her current venue, Stroker's, and you too will be mesmerized.

"I just kept perfecting what I did, like my stage show and my pole working. That [pole work] was something, at the time, that nobody was doing at the Gentlemen's Club, so it made people pay attention." Paying attention is an understatement.

Though she stands just inches over 5 feet, her presence is commanding. Stiletto boots are a trademark and they usually extend above her knees.

Ever imagined what a figure eight would look like on a stripper pole? Or maybe you've just dreamed of a woman spiking her heels into the ceiling, as she hangs upside down Spidey-like, all the while swinging her long black hair? Yes, she does all this to music, which can be rhythmically slow and measured.

Her performances have brought her national recognition. Right now, she's featured in Nelly's naughty "Tip Drill" video, which appears regularly on "BET Uncut," an after-hours show.

Over the years, White Chocolate has appeared in other videos, including Snoop Dogg's "Lay Low," Fabolous' "Can't Deny It" and Da Brat's "What'chu Like."

Since "raptress" is included in her bag of tricks, one day she plans to be the featured artist in her own music videos. Those who caught the direct-to-video flick On Da Come Up have seen her skills. She wrote and recorded the film's theme song.

Although her days on the pole are numbered, she is not giving it up just yet. After all, she says, "This has opened so many doors for me."


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