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Shamrock of VH1's 'The (White) Rapper Show'



On VH1's "The (White) Rapper Show," 10 white MCs from all over the United States compete for $100,000 as they battle, rap and rep from the birthplace of hip-hop -- the South Bronx. One of the 10 competitors is an Atlanta-born, UGA-educated artist named Shamrock, who spoke with Creative Loafing about his experience.

What were you doing to further your career before "The (White) Rapper Show"?

The great thing about Atlanta is there's like a million and one showcases you can do, and it's a great way to get noticed. But I was actually getting discouraged with that scene and started working on just making my music and my press kit really, really professional so that when opportunities presented themselves I would be ready.

Were you nervous about how VH1 might present the show to the public? Did you worry that you might be seen as a gimmick?

I knew there would definitely be a humor aspect and the whole reality-TV aspect to the show, but I was just hoping that people looking at me would see talent through all the humor and gags.

They pander to racial stereotypes a lot on the show. Were you ever uncomfortable with that?

Not really, because their biggest goal with the show was to get people talking about things like race in hip-hop, and white America and black culture. So when they talked about stereotypes and stuff like that, I chose to play around with it and have fun with it instead of letting it get to me.

Are you signed now, or are you still looking for a deal?

Well, to get on the show we had to sign a series of TV contracts saying that anything we get out of the show, as far as a deal, they have to go through VIACOM. But, that's the game, I knew what I was getting into before I joined the show.

When all is said and done, any regrets?

No regrets at all. I was on the "A-team Morning Show" [107.9-FM] last week and I used to ride MARTA and see their billboards. You know how long I wanted to work for Creative Loafing? And now y'all are interviewing me.

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