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Where is the best & worst place for a local rock band to play?


Echo Lounge and The Earl. A total tie. The Earl gives you more beer but the Echo has a better sound system. But they're really cool people at both places. I hate the Masquerade. It's too big and they give you no free beer. That's a big deal. That's why I play music -- for free beer. And if you're not a band that's going to pack the place, there's no point in playing there. They have a monstrous sound system and if the place is not packed you're going to get this huge echo sound.

The Warehouses at West End. There's a large artist community and it's a whole spectrum of bands from a do-it-yourself mindset. You play on the floor and the crowd is right up against you. There's no 8-foot stage with the band looking down at the crowd as if they're gods. The energy level is high and there is no age restriction. Worst is 9 Lives. Really shitty experiences. It's 21 or up so there's a lot of kids that want to go but can't. And just trying to get water from that club is a pain in the butt.

Masquerade. You get free beer, Red Bull and really good money. A lot of suburban kids can't find a place like The Earl, which I love, but they know where the Masquerade is and feel comfortable there. So the crowd is a variety of people. Worst is Under the Couch. You can't smoke, you can't drink and everybody preaches between songs. Thirteen kids wanted to jump on me because I'm smoking or talking to their girlfriend. Too many straight-edge kids. It's "hey look at me, I got these cool new running shoes."

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