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Where is the Atlanta music scene headed in 2007?

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Dave: Musically the scene is going to continue to get better. I was in L.A. for the past week playing shows out on the West Coast and they don't realize how cool of a scene we have here. Atlanta has awesome rock bands and heavy metal bands all over the place. But we don't have the clubs, except the Masquerade, Star Bar and The Earl. It kind of sucks. You trip over clubs in L.A.; we have to stay on the road.

John: Atlanta is the home of hip-hop. We're going to be the people that turn it around. It's going towards more lyricists instead of the trendy hook rap music that we have now. The sound will change to a more mellow tempo so you can stay more in tune with the lyrics. And an Atlanta rapper is coming out with country melodies and country songs.

Sass: We'll see more blue singing gorilla music. Singing gorillas will make a big move, but singing gorillas that don't do telegrams. It's the principle of the matter. I see it as innovating a new genre in popular music. Singing telegrams are the only work previously that singing gorillas could ever get. But I'm a new type of singing gorilla for Atlanta in 2007. My music is rock jazz experimental.

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