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Where are the best and worst theaters to see Matrix Reloaded?


Jack: I grew up watching movies at Midtown 8, so I really enjoy it. It's a community thing, rather than everyone coming from everywhere. I like the intimacy. The dirtiness gives it character. You can't go to a movie theater, have it squeaky clean and expect to enjoy the movie. When the sound is off, it adds to it; sticky floors make it rustic. I don't like places like North DeKalb Mall or Mall of Georgia, where they have like 17-and-a-half-million screens. Out there, they're seeing the movie to pick up chicks.

Zoe: I'm going to see it at Arbor Place in Douglasville. No one is familiar with the area, but it's nice -- always clean. The Magic Theater is always dirty. You can't hear because everyone is always talking. I saw John Q there. I couldn't hear it, and my foot was stuck to the floor. There was all this trash, and parents had their babies in there and they were all crying. Kids were running up and down the aisle. The employees don't seem to care who they let in.

Lucky: Hollywood Regal -- they're a great movie-going audience. The worst is the goddamn Midtown Promenade. Every theater smells like pee. They kicked us out of the theater before the credits were done. More snooty people end up at the Midtown Promenade. I think it holds that "I'm intown, and I'm in the middle of the big city and I'm not going out to Shallowford Road -- which has a 770 area code -- to see a film."


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