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What's the story with your hair?


Chad: In one word: Expression. At the same time, I don't want people to look at me and make an immediate judgment. I just felt this would be fun -- and it was my wife's suggestion to do dreads. Just growing my hair out long, it kind of looked like the '70s, boring and flat -- maybe like I was playing guitar for Deep Purple. I do feel people's perception toward me is slightly different -- that I'm more approachable. I teach at Georgia State, and all my students really respond to me more. I can maintain the line between being authoritative if I need to be. But they know I have dreads, so I'm approachable.

Flathead Mike: I took a classic haircut and threw in my own elements. I wanted my own thing. If I go to Lenox or Roswell, I'll get a lot of reactions. Some people are nice; others are not so nice. Sometimes you get, "Hey Johnny Bravo" or, "Hey Vanilla Ice." I'm amazed at what people are willing to yell out of their cars at someone with a slightly different appearance. At first, it bothered me. But now it's like water off a duck's butt.

Terri: I saw this girl with this neat hair, and I asked her where she got it. And she said the "hair police." I get mistaken for Betsy Johnson. You walk down the street, and you're noticeable. I get a lot of attention, and I like it. It's cool attention. I get a few negative reactions, but then I look at them and I go, "Where's their head at -- obviously between their butt." Most of the reaction is positive. It's a great conversation piece. I think our [chiropractic] office has gotten more business now because they know I'm not a straight nurse. And it gets you into clubs, too.


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