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What would make the holiday season better in Atlanta?


Shana: Become a real city. We are all suburban sprawl. There's nothing downtown. I don't skate! I'm not 13 anymore. Yeah, I know they do the tree thing at Rich's-Macy's, but that's the city's one last grasp at the holiday spirit. I don't acquaint the holiday spirit with shopping mall Santa Clauses. And it should freakin' snow. And people should not be assholes.

Mandy: This is my first Christmas in Atlanta. I'm very excited about it because in Fort Worth it's 20 people sitting around cleaning their guns on Christmas. For Atlanta, how about we put a Christmas tree up for every homeless person? It would look like a damn Christmas tree selling lot on Ponce. And the kids could sell regular brownies rather than pot brownies.

Corey: I have never been in a city that empties out for the holidays like Atlanta. And it's weird that we have Christmas events on parking lots, like at Lenox [Square]. Every neighborhood should have its own Christmas tree lighting. We should have a competition for the best-dressed tree. Bring the holidays back to the neighborhoods! This could be the year Atlanta took back the holidays!


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