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What was the worst concert you saw in 2002?


Dwayne and Bill: Eighteen Visions at Masquerade. Worst band ever. They ought to die. Their lead singer thinks he's the man; he's a big tough guy. He's overly sexual and stuff, and makes all these perverted sexual comments. I'd like to beat the crap out of the guy. These kids are complete losers. They push people around -- and if you don't look like them and [don't] have stupid tattoos about how they hate God, then you're not cool. They're the Backstreet Boys of hardcore music.

Kim: Jay-Z at HiFi Buys. I went to see Jay-Z perform, and there were about 15 other acts. It's like going to a heavyweight fight only to see the undercard. He let the audience do his rhyming for him. It was one of the laziest performances I've ever seen; it was more like a sing-a-long than an actual performance. He would start off the song and then say, "Oh, you know that one" -- and so the audience just finished it. And he was featuring a lot of artists on his label, so it was more like a label showcase than a Jay-Z performance. It was more like, "Here's a bunch of people you may like." If I'd paid for the ticket, I would've been upset.

Daniel: David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar at HiFi Buys. They both took turns doing solos. Both of them tried to relive old Van Halen days. David Lee can't do the spread-eagle kick anymore. He tried to do that for the encore and he couldn't quite reach his toes -- couldn't hit the high notes, couldn't do the judo kicks. There was a whole bunch of people that really respected Van Halen, and they were trying to relive something that wasn't there anymore. Everyone was dressed in ripped-up denim and lots of mullets. I didn't stick around for Sammy.


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