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What was the best and worst concert in Atlanta 2001?


Eric Clapton at Philips. He's the consummate musician and he gave everything. He played forever, he played his heart out, he played everybody's favorites and it was a very touching show. The worst was Tool at the Tabernacle. It started over two-and-a-half hours late. We got pushed, we got shoved, it was crowded, it was horrible. All you could do is get drunk. Everybody was impatient and uncomfortable. I got pushed over a crowd barricade. It was hot and miserable. Definitely my worst experience at a show.

Best show was the Tom Collins at the Star Bar. It was a combination of total physical and emotional exhaustion combined with the chemicals that were in my body and the power of the music. It was so much to behold, I actually passed out. Worst was Sting at Philips, which was a total rehash of tired material done with no enthusiasm except for the collection of the dollar. The older people got what they wanted but somebody like me needs more. I was a Sting fan but I thought it was a joke and very sad to me.

Marilyn Manson, the best. He was singing into a shotgun with two pistols on the side, the rifle going down the middle which made a cross. That was very cool. Bon Jovi was the absolute worst. He started talking religion. Instead of going to a rock concert, it was more like watching a church band. He comes out and he's like, "We're going to talk about rock 'n' roll and praying to God and than starts singin' 'Livin' on a Prayer.'" For a hair band of the '80s, Kiss comes out and spits blood, Bon Jovi comes out and wants to save you.


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