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What was the best and worst CD of the year?

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Michelle: Beyoncé's B'Day. I just love the way she hates men on that song. It shows she has problems also. It's like a woman's anthem. I love her. The worst CD was DJ Unk's Beat'n Down Yo Block. It doesn't have any literal context. They don't know how to enunciate words and they make people feel like they're stupid. I understand it's hip-hop but make people understand that you actually don't talk like that in real life.

Evan: Best would be Toby the Fugitive. The way it's arranged is amazing. Most melodies are on a four-beat rhythm; these are on a six-beat arrangement. Unfortunately it makes it a little less mainstream. Worst is Aaron Carter. It's the most ridiculous, worthless CD I've ever heard. Some little white kid from suburbia trying to act gangster. He's talking about slingin' drugs, and being a gangster and then you watch MTV and see that he's just some little rich 13-year-old kid. It's like a bad Vanilla Ice tries to do Wu-Tang.

Chad: Best is Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. He's intelligent. It's not all gritty murder and drug-dealing. It's something positive. Go to school, get an education, there's other things to do besides pushing drugs. Beyoncé's the worst. It should have been titled Beyoncé Makes Noise instead of B'Day. It's like "I'm going to sing a couple of songs, you know, it's not my best work, but, you know, I'm Beyoncé so people will buy it."



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