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What should the new mayor do first?


Reinstate the Gold Club. We're losing tourism money. Atlanta is a major convention center in the U.S. Exotic dancing is a big part of that industry. Atlanta is one of the few places where the girls can get fully naked. It made us a lot like Vegas. Our convention business needs this. The Gold Club brought in a lot of famous athletes. You have to have variety in these clubs. Different people have different taste. Not everyone can afford a $100 lap dance.

All the homeless and jobless should be able to find jobs and make it easier for overpierced and overtattooed people like myself to find jobs. Up in Minneapolis, everyone is tattooed so it's not as difficult to find work. But here they see me as weird or satanic, which I am, and won't give me a job. It has nothing to do with my work ethic. I like to work. I enjoy going to work, having a job and having money. Piercings cost money. Until I find a job doing porno, I'm fucked.

Whatever they're working on at North Avenue and Techwood, something needs to be done about it or get rid of it. All the drilling and noise is driving me nuts. I live at the Olympic Village and it's disrupting my learning. I can't concentrate on my studies at Georgia State. They've been working on this since the fall of 2000 and I heard a rumor it may be going on for another two or three years. It's ridiculous. They should at least give us a discount for living there. u


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