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What is Atlanta's best and worst theater for a summer movie?


Daphne and Erin, Atlanta
Buckhead Backlot. You can drink beer and eat like a pig. Lenox sucks. No student discount and no one works there except one stoned guy. Parents love taking their babies to R-rated movies there so you hear all this crying. They never have anything good. It's always the same genre, movies like Space Cadet, Monkeys Return From Planet X and Martin Lawrence movies. The floors are dirty and no one cleans up between movies. Once you've been to Lenox you realize waiting in those humongous lines at Phipps is not that bad.

Boobie, Atlanta
North DeKalb. You can go peacefully and watch a movie. At Greenbriar, apparently people don't go there to see a movie. They make you wait in line like you're at a club to get your ticket broken. So, everybody comes in at once, there's a mad scramble for seats, and then a fight breaks out. In the middle of the movie, they're yelling from the front row to the back, 'Shut up. No, you shut up!' back and forth. It's ridiculous. Then there are people loudly talking on their cell phones. I'm thinking, 'Am I at a playground or a movie theater?'

Keith, Atlanta
Cinéfest. Where else would play Goonies, Kung Fu and an independent movie in the same week? I would have picked Buckhead Art Cinema for their educational films but it's no longer there. Whenever you wanted to pull a Paul Reuben you went there. It's a huge loss. To be able to witness human degradation in that form is crucial to our society, or at least mine. Worst is Southlake. Full of screaming kids and drunken rednecks. If you want to see your favorite movie ruined by an audience, go there. Always packed with the most irritating people.


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