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What holiday song drives you nuts?

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Jennifer: Has to be "Santa Baby." It's just terrible. It's just wrong. There's something about a striptease and Santa that doesn't belong together. Santa is the jolly red guy. Santa delivers toys to children all over the world, not naked ladies. He doesn't get lap dances. That's not Santa, at least not my Santa.

Robert: "The 12 Days of Christmas." It feels like "The 100 Days of Christmas." How much more garbage can you put into a song? Birds, trees, it's terrible. When I was a little kid I had to sing it. I remember I only got to sing (about) the 12th day. Who cares about the 12 days of Christmas? The day of Christmas is the only day that matters, not the 12 days before, after or around.

Alondeia: "Jingle Bells." I cannot stand it. My mother sings it all the time, ever since I was little. Every year when we decorate the tree she sings "Jingle Bells" over and over. She has no singing quality at all. If she won't shut up, I just go into another room. Then we have a bell, an ornament that goes on the tree, that also sings "Jingle Bells." The bells play it better than my mother.


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