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What changes are likely for the Atlanta music scene 2002?


I see more of an influx of ethnic music coming into the inner-city mainstream, coming from Memorial Drive with the Jamaicans and West Indians. There's a lot of very talented people doing a lot of music that generally doesn't make it into the Ponce de Leon/Piedmont corridor that I hope will make it in. Of course, the Latin music from Buford Highway area and Indian music, all that's just not getting the recognition that I think it will get. The drunken redneck stuff, the real rowdy slippin' and slidin', spilled beer stuff is on the way out.

A lot of two-step garage music. It's sort of house music mixed in with R&B, drum 'n' bass. It originated in London. I see that whole influence coming here but I don't like it. Typical R&B is going out. More artists are becoming more creative instead of using the same old style. There's too many ravers in this city and I see them going out. It's just whack. More '80s punk is coming back in. But we need more lounges that play bossa nova, Brazilian jazzy music and more "chill" places to go to. But the underground scene is good here.

Back to the youth, the kids, just doing rock 'n' roll as it was and playing with a little bit more passion. Friends that I know have to play shitty venues. They're not venues designed for music. When the Strokes came out everyone thought it was cool and I think there's a lot bands like that. It's just a matter of getting a scene, whether it's East Atlanta or Little Five Points. Back to the roots. It's not glamorous or showy but just good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. There's going to be a backlash to glam rock and heavy metal music.

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