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What Atlanta band should be famous?

The Last Word: The Music Issue


What album by an Atlanta artist are you most anticipating?

"Big Boi, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The son of Chico Dust."
--Chaz Jenkins on Facebook

"Noot d'Noot, From Ever Since."
--Adam DeVore on Chad Radford's Facebook

"Zoroaster, Matador."
--Nick Black on Facebook

"Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta: Feel Good Songs for Bad Times"
--Chris Chandler on Chad Radford's Facebook


What is the best Atlanta album of 2010 so far?

"Tie: Mathis Hunter, Soft Opening, and Selmanaires, Tempo Temporal EP."
--CL music writer Chad Radford

"Janelle Monae, Archandroid."
--Jamison Ozander on Facebook

"B.o.B., The Adventures of Bobby Ray."
--Fabian Perdomo on Facebook

"A Fight to the Death, Gesture of a Gentleman."
--Nick Black on Facebook


What is the best Atlanta album of all time?

"Mastadon, Leviathan."
--CL music writer Chad Radford

"Outkast, Aquemini."
--Juan F. Cortes on Facebook

"Black Lips, Let it Bloom."
--Bobby Moore on Chad Radford's Facebook

"Goodie Mob, Soul Food."
--Shane Patrick, sitting on the patio at 529


What Atlanta band should be famous and why?

"Gringo Star. Great performers and huge catalog of bitchen songs."
--Mike Wright, commenting on Chad Radford's Facebook

"Kid Stuff. Every time I see them play, it's a party. And they can sample the fuck out of songs."
--John Greg, sitting on a curb on Flat Shoals Avenue in East Atlanta

"Ponderosa. They have the potential to become a legendary band in an industry oversaturated with fly-by-night pop stars."
--Emily 'Bommer' Hardy, commenting on Facebook

"Lyonnais. They've got a pretentious name, but they back it up with a nod to the dark, Factory Records legacy."
--CL music writer Chad Radford

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