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What are the best and worst theaters to see those Oscar movies?

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Lance: The Plaza Theatre. They show good movies but it smells like cat urine. I'm still going to see a movie there tomorrow. It's an old-fashioned movie theater. The popcorn is always hot, fresh and cheap. They still have the Rocky Horror Picture [Show] every week. Awesome. Atlantic Station's the worst. It's not worth paying that kind of money for a crappy movie and $9 drinks, and the parking sucks.

Valerie: Atlantic Station. Sometimes they offer you free popcorn on premiere night. The concessions are really good and the people are really friendly. Worst is Regal Cinemas in Kennesaw. It's so small. They don't offer 16 movies like they say. It's more like the dollar movie where they offer really old movies, but not at a discount price. It's so unclean and the customer service is horrible.

Frances: Best is Buckhead Backlot. You can sit, eat, drink and have a good time and the chairs are comfy. Worst is Tara. Last time I was there my chair broke and the time before somebody had to call the cops because a guy was exposing himself to the crowd. I was with my dad. Everybody stood up and was screaming.


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