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Were your toys better than your kids' toys?

A very special edition of Streetalk



Vanessa: They were better made. I was more interested in them for a longer time. My kids' toys are so influenced by what's popular right now, by their friends, what's on TV or in the movies, so what I bought her last year is not cool anymore. And everything is plastic now. They toss it around, it's crap and it's done. My parents still have toys that I played with and my kids love them, like Jack in the Box or the dog that pulls, or my Barbies. Barbies now are just cheap. Everything is so mass-produced they just don't hold up.

Oscar: My kid's toys are much better. Her toys stimulate her mind, make her think, more interactive. Our toys were really simple. We had the Big Wheel, paddle ball, Slinky. I tried to introduce the Slinky to her. She played with it for five minutes. Completely bored. Our toys didn't challenge us enough. Their toys are progressive and you can always add more. Our toys stayed dormant. There was only so much you could do with Monopoly and Life. Kids are developed in a different kind of way. They don't work the way we do.

Jermaine: My toys were better. Of course, technology is better but we learned to have fun with just a racing car without all the extra electrical technical stuff. Our toys didn't do as much but you had to use your imagination. Toys these days take the imagination away. I used to have Muppet Babies and you'd create an imaginary world. The simplicity of the toys helped us. We used to take popsicle sticks and create houses with them. Give my daughter some popsicle sticks and she would look at it and be like, "Who ate the popsicle?" She wouldn't ever think she could do something with them.

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