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It's crazy how many people just loooove seeing their friends in the Blotter.

"Remember the one about the girl whose cat ejaculated on the neighbor?" goes a typical question. "That's my friend!"

Is his friend the girl? The neighbor? The ejaculating cat? Often, I don't want to know. But the excitement is palpable when someone learns I write the Blotter, CL's weekly wrap-up of hotheaded hooligans, lusty lunatics and oddballs gone berserk, as gleaned from scouring countless police reports.

Whether the people referenced in the Blotter are guilty of anything will be for a judge or jury to determine at some later date (sometimes much later). My goal is simply to condense the on-the-scene observations of our boys in blue - with the attitude, misspellings and stilted cop-speak left intact.

That said, here are the top Blotters from the past year's parade of drug-addled street people, extraordinarily dumb criminals and guys who drop trou in public. This is Atlanta, folks. Enjoy.


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