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Weds., Jan. 23

BIOHAZARD -- First generation rap-rockers Biohazard are still at it. The Brooklyn band's latest release, Uncivilization, came out Sept. 11, appropriately, and some have touted it as a return to their glory days. See for yourself as they headline a bill also featuring Clutch. Masquerade (Sarig)

CINDY LOU HARRINGTON, KITTY SYNDER -- Country-rockin' firebrand Cindy Lou Harrington looks a bit like Julia Roberts and sings a lot like Jeannie C. Riley. Athens-based songbird Kitty Snyder is an alternative rock performer who's equally at home leading an electric band or singing sweet, gentle songs backed by nothing other than her own acoustic guitar. This showcase of "ready-to-be-signed" acts is presented by the Georgia Music Industry Association. Also performing tonight is urban artist Chiedza. Eddie's Attic (Nicoll)

PURE TRANCE -- Atlanta Psy_Trance presents what well may be the first night of exclusively "Goa" trance -- a more aggressively psychedelic, "spiritual" strain of the genre -- in Atlanta party history. The "Goa" trance scene has been quietly going strong in the mountains of Asheville for some time now. Atlanta Psy_Trance has managed to lure Asheville Touch Samadhi DJ Michael Curran from North Carolina, as well as Israel's DJ Amm - Dee, to the black-lit communion. Club NV (Ware)

Bayou Room Donna Hopkins

The Blue Raccoon Acoustic open mic w/Stevie B.

Brandyhouse Ruben w/Big Block Dodge

Checkered Parrot Lou Van Dora

Churchill Grounds Jazz Cafe Joe Gransden Quartet

Club NV Pure Trance w/Michael Curran, DJ Amm-Dee

Eddie's Attic Cindy Lou Harrington, Chiedza, Kitty Snyder

40 Watt Action Attack, Tilden's Faith

Fuel The Soul Lounge

Fuzzy's Place Hybrids

Joel Joe Grandsen Trio

Libby's Joe Grandsen, Bill Anschell

Masquerade Biohazard, Speedealer, Fusebox

9 Lives Saloon Bitch and guests

Red Light Cafe Open mic

Smith's Olde Bar Sonia Tetlow Band, Michelle Malone Stars, Nini Camps

Sports Time Karaoke

Star Community Bar Holy Smokes, Kate and the Retreads

Violette Jus Jazz w/ Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham

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