See & Do

Wed. Sept. 19

GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS, DAVID LOVERING -- Grant-Lee Phillips' new solo album, Mobilize, is missing the cannon-report drumming of his larger-than-life rock outfit, Grant Lee Buffalo. Deferring instead to a drum machine to supply the album's uneven rhythmic pulse, Phillips forgoes the borderline-formulaic tendency to amplify his strummed folk-rock melodies and artfully cryptic world-in-a-nutshell reflection into arena-sized Technicolor exposures. Former Pixies drummer David Lovering opens, billing himself as a "Scientific Phenomenalist and offering a 30-minute show rumored to include science fair-type experiments such as attaching electrodes to pickles and telekinetic tremors. Worth an early arrival, especially for Pixies devotees. Smith's Olde Bar (Rowland/Smith)

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