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Waylon Jennings: Goin' Down Rockin': The Last Recordings

Saguaro Road Records/Turner-Up Recordings



During the late '90s, the legendary country outlaw Waylon Jennings spent some time at his pedal steel player Robby Turner's home studio, cutting a few acoustic tracks. Following Jennings' untimely passing from diabetes in 2002, the grieving Turner kept the cuts hidden away. Ten years later, Turner gathered former members of Waylon's band and they added their signature backing to the songs. And the results are pure magic. The sound of his voice haunts as it takes listeners back to the glory days when Waylon, Willie, and the boys were on top of the world. Over the years, Turner's steel playing was integral to Waylon's sound, and he recaptures that feeling perfectly. Waylon's songs, all 12 originals or co-writes, tell the story of a man facing his mortality, with the wit and wisdom that was Waylon's trademark. Sometimes a ghost brings something other than fear, and in this case it brings tears of joy. (5 out of 5 stars)

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