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Warning Light: Further On



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Despite the ominous implications of the name, and a flourish of darker textures and aural intonations sprouting up here and there, Warning Lights' latest offering, Further On, is a tranquil listening experience. Drew Haddon's follow-up to '07s Eternity Drones embraces the guerilla approach to loud, lo-fi and open-ended drone music that was once stifled by the academic imperialism of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Lamonte Young and the likes. What makes songs like "Infinite Stepstones," "Nothern's Requiem" and "Sea Rations" glow are their instinctual tendencies. As each number blends into the next, there are no complex number systems guiding their long, mesmerizing washes of synthesizer space. Nor is there anything that resembles composition at work here. Rather, it's reflexive music that builds on atmosphere and drives itself as it goes, drawing strength from being heady but not brainy, breezy but never hollow. 4 out of 5 stars.


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