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Voter's guide

Here's a handy (and dandy!) guide to CL's election endorsements, lifted from last week's issue.

Most of you will find some races on your ballots that we don't mention below. For time and space reasons, we only endorsed in high-profile state and local contests, and in legislative races that actually seemed competitive.

Clip this guide out, stick it in your pocket, then whip it out at the voting booth. Or just ignore it ... but at least go vote.

The endorsements:

* Gay-marriage amendment: A big fat no, no, NO!

* U.S. Senate: Denise Majette, Democrat

* Georgia Appeals Court: Debra Bernes, nonpartisan

* Public Service Commission: Robert "Bobby" Baker Jr., Republican

* 11th Congressional District: Rick Crawford, Democrat

* 12th Congressional District: John Barrow, Democrat

* DeKalb district attorney: Jeffrey Brickman, Republican

* Fulton County sheriff: J. Danny Stephens, Republican

* State Senate District 6: Doug Stoner, Democrat

* State Senate District 33: Steve Thompson, Democrat

* State Senate District 41: Steve Henson, Democrat

* House District 34: Rich Golick, Republican

* House District 37: Terry Johnson, Democrat

* House District 38: Pat Dooley, Democrat

* House District 39: Alisha Thomas Morgan, Democrat

* House District 80: Mike Jacobs, Democrat

* House District 82: Kevin Levitas, Democrat

To find out more about our picks, go to

Polls are open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 2. If you're a registered voter and don't know your polling place, go to You also can vote early through Fri., Oct. 29, during normal hours at your county's registrars office.

Both parties are looking for volunteers to help get out the vote.

Democrats call 678-904-3873 or go to

Republicans call 404-252-6501 or go to

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