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Visual Art: Selects

Thurs., Feb. 7



Group shows often feel like a meal cribbed from leftovers. Motley: yes. Harmonious: no. SELECTS, continuing at Romo Gallery Thurs., FEB. 7, however, offers insight into owner/curator Sam Romo's overarching taste and illuminates his stable of artists' shared sensibilities. Wit, pop culture and simple-but-smart forms define much of the work. Ben Roosevelt's stencil- and signage-inspired drawings and paper-bag cutouts suddenly have something in common with Brian Dettmer's autopsied books. Beatrix Reinhardt's photo of a faux deer about to meet its maker (pictured) combined with Marc Brotherton's neurotic declarative statements – equally suited to T-shirts or a "Dear John" letter – are fun with just a smidgen of dis-ease. Through Feb. 16. Free. Thurs.-Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m. 309 Peters St. 404-222-9955.


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