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Titan: It's All Pop!



The tiny, Kansas City power-pop label Titan churned out scores of breezy, catchy, AM-rock singles from 1978-1981, but until now has barely even existed as a footnote in history. Now, a two-disc label retrospective unearths scores of nonessential but worthwhile gems from the genre. Songs by Gary Charlson, Millionaire at Midnight, and the Boys (not to be confused with the U.K. group) offer a snapshot of a scene that thrived in fly-over country. It's All Pop! captures both a sound and an era occupied by musicians who were too sensitive and too well-dressed to be called punks, and too skilled at songwriting to be embraced by commercial radio. Finding Titan: It's All Pop! isn't like discovering the holy grail of power pop, it's more like discovering a time capsule filled with forgotten artifacts from of an unforgettable sound. 4 stars.

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