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Various Artists, mixed by Goldie




U.K.-based DJ/producer Goldie is the original bad boy of drum and bass, the hyperkinetic electronica hybrid that's been around for a decade-plus. After years honing his skills in the underground, Goldie showed great promise of innovating the form with his 1994 debut, Timeless. But in the decade that's followed, he's come to be known much more for his celebrity dalliances with models and pop stars (he's dated both Kate Moss and Björk). And he's honed his villainy on the big and small screen, first as a Bond enemy in The World Is Not Enough, then as a troublemaker on the long-running British serial "EastEnders."

In recent years, Goldie has also developed a reputation for being a no-show at Stateside DJ gigs, so the latest installment in his MDZ mixed compilation series (named after his Metalheadz record label) is the best bet to catch him in current action. Low on melodies but high on octane, the songs on the collection (by leading genre stars such as Marcus Intalex, Digital, and Danny C) demonstrate that the drum and bass focus is still definitely on the drums and bass. There doesn't appear to be much advancement in the sound over the years -- it's still the sort of stuff that makes one unconsciously boogie, but is ultimately unmemorable.

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