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Various Artists: I Have My Liberty! Gospel Sounds from Accra, Ghana



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I Have My Liberty! is a true musical odyssey - a journey into the open-air churches of Ghana's capital city, Accra, where a flurry of women dressed in pristine white dance, chirp, and sing out with spiritual elation. Pieced together like a collage of overlapping field recordings, rock drums, and highlife melodies captured by Philadelphia producer Calpin Hoffman-Williamson in 2008, I Have My Liberty! ranks among Dust-to-Digital's most spiritually uplifting releases thus far. The buzzing PA and fiery sermons are raw and three-dimensional as voices in the congregations combine with cars softly roaring down the street and clucking chickens to add cinematic texture to the stories and music that unfolds in both English and Ghanaian dialects. In many ways these recordings bridge the gap between the Americanized gospel recordings Dust-to-Digital offered with Rev. Johnny L. "Hurricane" Jones, and the antique African tunes heard throughout Opika Pende. Even if you're not moved by the spirit, it's impossible not to be moved by the music. (5 out of 5 stars)


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