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Upon further review


If you happened to pick up the most recent issue of the gay-centric magazine, The Advocate, you got quite a surprise.

In a story about gay and lesbian recipients of fellowships to a three-week executive management program at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, you discovered that City Council President Cathy Woolard was planning to run for mayor and that she was planning to do it in 2006.

There are only two problems with that. First, the next City Council elections are in 2005. Second, as Woolard, who was a 2003 fellow, points out, she plans to campaign in that election for another term as council president. Only after completing another term would she consider running for mayor.

"They didn't get it right," Woolard says. "I wouldn't dream of running against [Mayor Shirley Franklin] next term. A) because I couldn't beat her, but B) because I think she's doing a great job. I don't have any desire to replace her."

Mystery solved.

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