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Trashy vision



Cops spotted a man throwing tires, sticks, and trash onto a sidewalk in Peoplestown. The cops asked the man what he was doing. The man replied that he was making a car and a wagon for the community. He reportedly had taken trash from nearby apartment Dumpsters and private homes and lined the trash up on the sidewalk. His trash collage has been there for about a week. The man refused to clean it up, so cops took him to jail for disorderly conduct.

Moist priority: In Little Five Points, a 27-year-old woman was strolling down Euclid Avenue when she stopped in front of a restaurant to put lotion on her hands. She said she dropped her black Guess wallet on the ground, but instead of picking up her wallet, she kept rubbing lotion on her palms. Suddenly, a man wearing a black hat grabbed her wallet from the ground and fled the scene on a blue bicycle. The woman's hands are now moist, but she's got no wallet, no ID, and no ATM card.

Hoop-de-doo: A woman said someone damaged her green Mercedes-Benz parked outside her apartment on Gun Club Road. Her green car was covered with cream paint, and a cream paint can was perched upside down on the car's roof. The woman says she believes the vandalism is linked to an earlier incident, in which her son was assaulted. She said one of the guys arrested is a "neighborhood basketball star" and ever since then she has been harassed and threatened by the basketball star's mother, plus a guy and another lady. The woman said she is really starting to get concerned because when people in this area make threats, they usually act on it.

Gooey gumption: Members of a local church returned from a road trip and parked the church's white minivan outside the sanctuary on Peachtree Street. Overnight, pranksters decided to mess with the minivan. The next morning, four fuel caps were missing and "gum was stuck in all of the door locks," according to the police report. Church members called police because they could not get into the gummed-up minivan. No suspects.

No compassion: In Buckhead, a 78-year-old woman called police and said someone ran over her mailbox and plants in the front yard of her home on Andrews Drive. The suspect was still there — a 21-year-old man driving a 1984 Chevy. According to the police report, the driver told police that he "felt the pedal going to the floor and could not stop." The driver said he swerved into the yard to avoid going "over the cliff." The woman pressed charges against him for damaging her mailbox and precious plants.

She showed him: On Fleetwood Circle, a 22-year-old woman got in a phone fight with her boyfriend. She was so pissed, she decided to gather up all of the boyfriend's clothes from inside her home. She walked into the street and set fire to the boyfriend's clothes. Satisfied, she watched the black smoke rising from his burnt garments. However, her pyrotechnics really freaked out the neighbors, who peeked through windows and saw flames. A couple of neighbors walked outside and yelled at the woman, who calmly put out the fire.

Going green: An 18-year-old man walked into Macy's, took a green dress shirt, stuffed it in a shoe box, and tried to leave the store without paying. A security guard stopped him and the man confessed right away. He said he needed the green dress shirt for a business meeting and didn't have enough money to buy it. He went to jail on a shoplifting charge.

Baby fashion go-go: On Bent Creek Way, a repairman went to an apartment to fix a leaky faucet in the kitchen sink. When he arrived, he noticed the peephole on the front door had been punched out. Plus, the doorknob and locks were severely damaged. According to the police report, the repairman pushed the front door and it "just swung open." Instantly, the repairman called 911 and the apartment manager. Police arrived and eventually tracked down the 22-year-old woman who lives in the apartment. The woman looked around and said the only things missing were her TV, her baby daughter's Burberry coat, and six pairs of her baby's Burberry shoes. An officer asked: Have you seen anything unusual lately? The young mother said that eight days ago, someone rang her doorbell and when she answered the door no one was there.

Stupid move of the week: A 62-year-old Italian man says he was robbed near a high-dollar private high school on Paces Ferry Road. The man said he drove to the school, parked his Chevy Tahoe, and walked inside — leaving $2,000 worth of Euro currency stuffed in the center console. Of course, someone smashed his car window and snatched the cash. Also stolen: the man's favorite black Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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