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Trader Vic's



FEEL THE ISLAND BREEZE: "Tiki culture" is alive at this historic Polynesian-themed chain founded by "Trader Vic" Bergeron in 1934. Walking into the restaurant's Mai Tai Lounge you're greeted by bamboo, Polynesian artifact replicas and Hawaiian music.

BROK DA MOUT GROG: Trader Vic's signature drink is the mai tai, which "The Trader" claims to have invented. While the mai tai is authentic, the massive cocktail menu has virtually every tropical drink imaginable. The "Singapore Symphony," a mix of lime, passion fruit, pineapple, golden rum and gin, sings on the tongue as each layer makes its appearance. Like any good tropical drink, the alcohol is undetectable, but don't be fooled -- this concoction will knock you flat.

PUNCH DRUNK: There is no better excuse to make it a group outing than the huge punch bowls that serve two to four people. Or try a single serving of the Planter's Punch, described as "a tropical tradition." Fruit juice is mixed with dark and gold rums, grenadine, and soda for a fizzy-sweet road to blotto.

ONO KINE GRINDZ? Nobody really goes here to eat -- it's all about the hooch. But do yourself a solid by filling your belly with something off the menu, because the rum-heavy concoctions will sneak up on you faster than a rogue wave on the North Shore.

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