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Screams and gunshots erupted near a local club at around 2 a.m. "There's the police if you want them!" a man hollered after spotting a nearby cop. A 31-year-old woman, crying and wiping her eyes, approached the cop and said her boyfriend alledgedly went berserk on her. The cop asked: Does he have a weapon? "No," the woman replied. "Those gunshots came from somewhere around the [club] when I was leaving."

The woman said that earlier, she and her boyfriend were partying together at the club when her boyfriend got into a verbal spat with a stranger. The woman said her boyfriend got mad at her for "not having his side," so she left the club on foot and called a friend to come pick her up. She said her boyfriend followed her down the street, pushed her onto the ground, grabbed her neck, and yelled, "I can't believe you aren't going to be on my side." The woman said she screamed for help. When her friend drove up, her boyfriend stopped trying to choke her.

Cops talked to the woman's boyfriend, 35, who initially denied even knowing his girlfriend. As the officer handcuffed him, the boyfriend screamed to her: "Is this what you want?" The officer asked, "I thought you just said you didn't know her?" The boyfriend replied, "I ain't scared, man, I just did 10 years in the Florida State Penitentiary for murder." The cop mentioned that the girlfriend had red marks on her neck. "Oh yeah," the boyfriend replied. "That's from me hugging her at the club."

Once she realized her boyfriend was going to jail, the girlfriend recanted her entire statement. Instead, she now said the red marks on her neck were just hickies.

Witnesses confirmed that the gunshots were random bullets fired by another guy who was shooting rounds in the air in the club's parking lot.

Stop your lying, Valentine

A frantic older man flagged down a cop and said he was carjacked on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard. The man said that he pulled into a gas station when two guys lunged toward him and said, "Give it up." The man said he jumped out of his car and ran toward West End Mall, leaving his keys behind, and the two guys drove off with his car.

After a few repetitions of the man's tale, the cop was suspicious. He asked the man to start over, "from the time you got off work, until the time you saw police." The man said nothing and stared at the ground for several minutes. Then he confessed: He really came to this area to hook up with a woman and parked his car in the front yard of her home. The man said he went inside and his lusty rendezvous with the woman only lasted "for a few minutes." When he went back outside, his car was gone. Sheepishly, he explained why he concocted the carjacking fiction. "He made the false report so his wife wouldn't find out what happened," the officer wrote. Cops promptly arrested the man for "false report of a crime" and took him to jail. How he'll explain jail to his wife back home, we'll never know.

Valentine needs quiet time

In Adair Park, a 23-year-old man returned to his apartment and woke up his husband, 28. Alledgedly, hubby was supremely cranky about the nap interruption, so he grabbed the 23-year-old and held him down on bed. After that, the 23-year-old left their apartment for a while to avoid escalating the confrontation. When he returned home, he said he tried to talk to his husband several times, but the husband said to leave him alone. Still, the 23-year-old kept trying to talk to his husband, who told him to stop talking. Finally, the husband grabbed a hammer and started swinging it. "Leave me alone!" he screamed, or he'd hit him with the hammer. The 23-year-old said his husband never actually got close enough to hit him. Also, he says hubby's been taking a break from his anti-psychotic medications. He did not want to press charges. Police turned in the hammer as evidence.

Sweetheart's sticky fingers

In Westhaven, a 28-year-old man said he recently bought an iPad off of Cragslist. The man left his iPad inside his locked bedroom on Delmar Lane before going to work one day. When he returned, the iPad was gone. The man used the iCloud feature to send a message stating that the iPad was stolen to the screen of his iPad. Hours later, the man received a call from a man who claimed to be in security or enforcement. The caller wanted $100 cash to return the man's iPad. The caller said his wife bought the iPad for $100 from a mysterious woman with "a black weave, long eyelashes and an [identifying tattoo] on her lower back."

The 28-year-old man immediately recognized the mystery woman with the tattoo: his girlfriend, who has a key to his bedroom. She's also the mother of his child. Turns out, there's a reason the man locks his bedroom. He believes his girlfriend steals his stuff and tries to sell it back to him. He asked police to put out a warrant for her arrest.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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