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Top 5 ways to keep artists happy

Pimping ain't sleazy, Chris Black-style


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By day, he manages Cartel, DJ Rob Wonder and U.S. Royalty. By night, he manages Cartel, DJ Rob Wonder and U.S. Royalty. Yet Chris Black still finds time to pimp his T-shirt line (Done To Death) and party like a rock star (Too Much Fun Club, every first Wednesday at El Bar). Here's how he keeps his full-time artists happy in the meantime.

1) Weed and beer: "Musicians do not like to think about real life. That's why they do what they do. Keep a blunt and 12-pack handy and everyone is happy."

2) Fun: "When Cartel is on tour, we do afterparties. They drink for free and make it back to the bus by 4 a.m.; we all win. You pick a good club and better DJ, and you cannot lose. It's a major plus if said club is stocked with attractive women."

3) Money: "Keep it coming and have someone handle it — musicians cannot. Pay someone to keep everyone from pulling a Wesley Snipes. No Lambo until you go platinum. That's my rule."

4) Diversify: "Rob Wonder is a well-known DJ and owns El Bar. He's a full party in one man. When he's not working on his Scion radio show or playing out of town he's making sure the bar is bringing in cash and people are having fun."

5) Return e-mails promptly: "I don't care if it's 3 a.m. on a Sunday. If any of my artists have a question or need, I have to deal with it. In fact, I'm doing this Real Life Top 5 from the beach in St. Maarten. Never not working. Always keep it trill."


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