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Top 5 ways to elevate club life

Turner Knapp swings his MetroGnome



Clubbing was just a hobby for Turner Knapp until several years ago when he started to notice the city's dance floors shrinking in number. So he did what any culture bearer would; Knapp quit his cush corporate job and started the MetroGnome Agency. Now he manages independent artists and helps push Atlanta's club music scene to the bleeding edge. His latest collaboration with will bridge London's dubstep sound via a new monthly called the Friday Flow, starting May 16 at the Apache Cafe ($10. 9 p.m. 18-and-up). Here are his five commandments for elevating the city's club culture.

1) Turn off your TV for a month: "Instant meditation. I promise you won't miss a thing. Meet your neighbor, serve your village. Create something."

2) Find your scene: "Support the things that make you happy and they might be around for a little while longer."

3) Performing arts for the digital age: "If every building in Atlanta was marked for destruction, let's make sure that the Fox is the last to go ... And find out what the Relapse Theatre is, Atlanta."

4) Empower the youth: "I fail to see the logic in limiting our college-aged kids access to venues that have security, insurance, licenses, cabs and closing times (which are a joke in a city this size). This city needs to start acting like one if we are ever gonna be treated like one."

5) Be a part of the solution: "If you aren't focusing on the solutions to your problems then you are the problem. Help me help you."

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