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Top 10 Threats



If people aren't making excuses, they're making threats -- at least in the world of the Blotter. Here's the best of the random threats:


10) "Give me a Big Mac, motherfucker, or I will kill you."

9) "You heard me, you big-eyed Popeye the sailor man -- that you city of Atlanta workers don't do nothing," said by a 67-year-old woman who allegedly pointed a gun at a city of Atlanta sanitation worker.

8) "I should kill you and get that big-breasted, think-she-fine [DFACS caseworker]."

7) "Death death, I hope you and your mom! Tell the old broke damn bitch that Papa just wanted to speak to her before we got to the mall and movies. He know that she was at the door, that's why the bitch is in pain right today where her hands can't open and won't open up all the way, I could care less about your slow-ass family. But my son wanted to see you and your mama slow, special ass. But that's why she is paying with her health and so is you. Until you do right by Papa, your luck will be forever fucked up ... Die die die death death death ... Bitch, you is a old bitch that will forever be in pain, your health must fell soon ..."


6) "I hope he doesn't plug up his television, 'cause I will probably find his charred remains in the apartment."

5) "I ain't been to school, but I got an education, and I am going to bake me a pie, goodbye."

4) "I'm going to cut off your gonads and feed them to you. I'm going after you with all I've got. ... You're history! ... Will be back in the cement industry, I'll run your fucking ass down. ... Made this company grow 35 percent in quality and quantity for 34 months."

3) "I want to know if y'all's lockin' up jaywalkers, 'cause I'm about to jaywalk like a mutherfucka!"

2) "Now, I'll pull out your ho card."

1) "I am wanted in Mississippi for aggravated sodomy on a police dog."

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